Equivalent to: 25 EUR, 20 GBP, 25 CHF,
3000 JPY, 30 AUD, 100 PLN, 7000 HUF,
40 SGD, 347 ZAR


EFX offers clients a variety of trading benefits that keep them staying with EFX, starting with a $30 Trading Bonus. In other words, we give you $30 in (non-withdrawable) credit as soon as you open your first Real Account, allowing you to test our products and services by starting to trade. without depositing.

Risk Warning: Trading FX and CFDs carries a high risk of loss. Apply Terms & Conditions

What is a trading bonus?

$30 Trading Bonus allows traders to test our execution quality in a real trading environment without any investment risk. When you claim your bonus, the bonus amount will instantly be added to your account to be used for trading. All profits are withdrawable at any time, however, any withdrawal will result in your trading bonus being deducted proportionally.

Ai có thể được nhận thưởng?

This promotion is open to all traders who open a real account at EFX for the first time. However, in some regions, a different promotion may apply. You will have 30 days from the date of account opening to claim the bonus before the program expires.

The examples in the table below illustrate how the  Trading Bonus is deducted pro rata  from your trading account when you withdraw.

How to get Trading Bonus?

To claim the Bonus you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Open a Real Account

2. Log in to the Members Area with the login information sent via email

3. Provide some relevant identification to authenticate your account (if you haven’t already)

4. Click the Claim Bonus button

5. Complete the SMS authentication procedure according to the instructions on the screen

Appropriate Terms of Use

If EFX suspects a client is abusing or conspiring to abuse this promotion or behave in bad faith towards us, EFX reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse, block or withdraw trading bonuses or any other any other bonus from such user, and if necessary temporarily or permanently cancel any terms and conditions relating to such user, or prevent such user’s right to use the service and/or lock that user’s trading account.

In addition, if EFX suspects a client is abusing the fair rules of trading bonuses by placing counter-orders internally (using other trading accounts opened at EFX) or externally (using other trading accounts). trading accounts opened at other brokers), EFX reserves the right to immediately withdraw trading bonuses granted to such client’s trading accounts or from profitable counter-accounts without prior consent. consent of that customer. EFX reserves the right to change the Bonus Terms and Conditions at any time by notifying the client of the changes and by posting the adjustment on this website or any other page related to it. this web.

Any dispute or misunderstanding that may arise from the present Terms and Conditions will be resolved by EFX Management in the most equitable manner for the parties concerned. Once a decision has been made, it will be final and/or binding on the parties involved. In the event that the Bonus Terms and Conditions are translated into a language other than English, the original English version shall prevail to avoid inconsistencies or ambiguities.

See detailed Terms and Conditions here.