The main necessary procedure in Forex today is verification. Verification is the submission of a package of documents identifying a trader. The procedure is good for both traders and brokers. Nobody is surprised by an ID document request, for example, when buying a plane ticket.Actually, traders benefit from verification too. It is impossible to withdraw money from an account to third-party wallets if the account owner has passed verification. The support team will notice that a client’s verified name has been changed. A verified phone number cannot be changed as withdrawal confirmation codes are sent to the client on a verified phone number.

Summing up:

Give your real personal information when you register with a broker;

Verify your name, address, and telephone number;

Don’t store the copies of your documents in your email account; delete sent letters.

Email is one of a trader’s tools, so it also needs protection due to the reasons mentioned above.The email account is usually hacked in order to sell it next to spammers. Moreover, the hack can cause further hacks of various accounts associated with your email address.First of all, to secure your email account, you need to use your imagination and make up a complex password. Best of all, if it is a phrase with a random set of words, symbols like # / @, and so on. Periodic change of passwords will be good hack prevention.It is important to remember the complex password by yourself. Especially for the forgetful, there are special programs to manage your passwords. To protect yourself against accidents, you’d better not keep in your email box the letters with passwords for the trading accounts and client’s profile. Once you received the password, save it in the password manager and delete the letter.

To secure your money, follow these simple rules:

Don’t be afraid of verification;

Don’t enter passwords for your accounts on a borrowed computer, use a complex password;

Don’t store your identification or personal data in email;

Do not leave your terminal unattended;

Change your passwords from time to time;

Install reliable anti-virus software on your computer;

Use password managers Forex trading is a rather nervous job, and reliable protection reduces the stress. So, it is better to spare no time and money on security that will definitely pay off.

Main safety rules when working on Forex broker’s client space

Always fill in your actual personal details and have your personal profile verified. Verifying your phone number and email is a must.

Create a strong password and keep it in special encryption software.

Install an antivirus program onto your computer and telephone.

Always check the domain name when logging into your personal client space.

Use Two Factor Authentication if you can.

Have withdrawal confirmation codes sent to your phone number.

Never share your passwords for the client profile or trading account on social networks and messengers. The official support team will never request your passwords.

Remember that the company phones clients only if they have requested a phone call.

Check who you are talking to. Official support teams may contact you only through official communication channels, such as your phone number, email, or a broker’s LiveChat. 

The client support never contacts clients first on social networks and messengers. Scammers can use scam pages on social networks. Be cautious!

 Remember that you can withdraw and deposit money only via your personal profile with a broker. An official support team will never request your full payment details, including CVC codes.

A broker’s support team never asks clients to install any remote access software, such as TeamViewer or Microsoft Remote Desktop.All Forex safety rules are identical to those that you observe when working with your online banking service. Keep yourself safe!

Yes. Based on your request, we will help you with the general issues, or ask our authorized dealer’s technical support department to solve the problem of setting up the system directly with you.